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The importance TEAMWORK in the Marketing Industry!

Everybody in the direct selling industry knows the importance of having a big group or network. In every case, outstanding leaders who boast of high income or achievements inevitably have a big and strong group of followers backing them. However, sad to say, many of these leaders are not able to maintain or sustain their performances or achievements for long. The group ultimately breaks up or fail to perform, and past efforts are all wasted.

There is only one reason why such a scenario occurs and is repeated, and that is, except for the size for the group, there is no substance or positive concept to sustain a long-term growth. Each group’s objective is on monetary achievements only. One group will try to outdo another. There is no harmony, ethics or teamwork spirit. Lots of back-stabbing and infighting occurs. Everybody just want to be better than the other. It is therefore not surprising that they are not able to sustain their achievements for long.

Everybody loves money, and this is normal. However, money must be earned the proper and ethical way. It must be well-deserved, and earned through a proper, systematic way. In short, there is no short cut in one’s efforts to earn more and more money.

In ACM, our corporate ideal is that the whole organization must adopt and practice positive, ethical and righteous values in developing our business on long-term basis to ensure continuous achievements and fulfillment of our dreams.

Our marketing division closely adopt and execute positive, ethical and righteous values in our dealings with the market. We may not be like others who are outstanding in their achievements overnight, only to fail miserably the next instance. We aim for stable, long-term growth. We hold strongly to using genuine love and conscience in our efforts to convince and secure customers’ trust and acceptance. Our personnel must adopt a genuine, caring and positive attitude in attending to customers to solve their problems and gain their satisfaction and confidence. We hope Dealers will do likewise.

My responsibility is to guide and assist you to increase your income and ensure you enjoy stable and long-term financial fulfillment. Only then will the Company grow, everybody in the organization will benefit financially, and that includes myself.

Let us diligently adopt and practise ACM’s corporate ideal of using genuine love and conscience in promoting the business through positive, ethical and righteous values. By doing so, you can be assured that “the sky is the limit” for all of us!

Gordon Lim

Gordon Lim

Marketing Manager