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General Manager Speaks

Welcome to an enterprise established based on love and conscience to realise your dreams!

The impact of the direct selling business in the local market from the 70s till the present day has been remarkable, if not phenomenal. Having been involved in this industry for over 30 years, I have personally witnessed the ups and downs, success and failures and impact, whether good or bad, of this business on the market.

Companies that started off with high performances were often short-lived. Others who projected good image and provided tough trainings to ensure their distributors hard sell at all costs, ultimately also failed miserably, their distributors disappointed and frustrated. Some companies gave no attention to product quality, or had no products at all, relying solely on their income-generating marketing plan. They too failed, leaving their distributors high and dry to face the market and labeled as a cheat.

All these incidences over the years, often repeated, gave rise to a high volume of wasted talents and resources, affecting the well-being and livelihood of distributors and their families. Their so-called “failures” were often not of their own doing. Rather, it was because the companies they were involved in lack positive concept, approach, attitude or genuine interest to build a strong, ethical and stable long-term business.

Today, ACM provide you the platform to succeed. We dare to be different. Our overall concept is based on genuine love and concern. Our products, approaches and strategies are designed and chosen ethically to bring only goodness to dealers and customers. We strive to ensure everyone get to share and enjoy the benefits and rewards that our enterprise offers.

The ACM business strategy offers a three-way balanced platform consisting of LOVE, EFFECTIVENESS and BENEFITS to reward the market. Rewards and benefits are shared fairly and equally as in a big family in a happy environment.

I welcome you to join us in ACM and embrace our positive, ethical and upright mentality, With a solid and sound management control, excellent and beneficial products, let us promote our benefits to the market and in the process, build ourselves and our families a better tomorrow.

Kenny Tan

Kenny Tan

General Manager