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Who we are?

The principle of our company is achieve Health-Oriented to everybody. We are committed in providing customers with comprehensive health, professional, quality service through professional management and excellent marketing strategies and this has cause ACM to become popular especially among the female consumers.
ACM place strong emphasis on consistently not compromising on quality of our products.
The uniqueness of our products is that they speak (prove) for themselves and are self-promoting due to their effectiveness.
  • Unique blend of natural herbal extracts that produce distinctively premium products.
  • Reversing the aging process, enhancing health and beauty the miraculous way.
  • Premium high value products that overcome ailments, help regain youthfulness and promote good health.

ACM's Corporate Culture & Values


  • Professionally provide comprehensive health maintenance goals.
  • Ensure you regain good health the positive and holistic way.
  • Use of latest technology to reverse aging and enhance your youthfulness, up keeping good health to enable you to live your life with confidence.
  • Emphasis on individual's health as a basis to promote family happiness.
  • Inculcate infinite love to widely promote the culture of helping people.


  • A positive, ethical and righteous business platform.
  • Provide a comprehensive and rewarding business opportunity.
  • Using a unique concept that offers transparent, fair, reasonable and attractive income.
  • Emphasise on teamwork as foundation to share and enjoy benefits.
  • Adopting our unique business concept will bring multi-fold and unlimited income, like a unit of auto collection machine that duplicates unceasingly.

ACM's Mission & Vision



  • Wholeheartedly provide customers with genuine and sincere service.
  • Stringent and all-rounded quality control to ensure products benefit customers.
  • Strive at all time to achieve customers' satisfaction.
  • Develop and promote this noble enterprise together with Dealers to benefit the market.
  • Endeavour to provide fair and reasonable remuneration to benefit all parties.
  • Practise positive management control to secure a long-term enterprise that will enrich Dealers.
  • Continuously develop and empower Dealers with the necessary skills and quality to ensure they are consistently well-rewarded and contented.


Cultivating love and reasonable attitude at every opportunity to develop a positive, ethical and righteous business culture to achieve excellent performance that will result in providing Dealers a secured, rewarding and stable future.

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Gabrie Chong

Distribution Department

Grace Chong

E.D.P Department

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